Sports, Recreational and Fitness Medicine


Sports are those activities which are reasonably organised and competitive, whereas recreation is more sporadic, lower intensity and pleasurable. Nevertheless, some recreational pursuits (for example, rock climbing, kite surfing or even jogging) could be quite hazardous if the participant is not well prepared.

Major health benefits are to be derived from both sports and recreational activities, but there may also be risks associated, resulting in musculoskeletal injury, cardiovascular distress, overtraining, or other problems.

Injury prevention in sports and recreational activities can be more important than the actual ability or skill of treating the injury. The possible reasons behind recurring injuries needs to be carefully assessed and explored.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of scaling the Himalayas, hiking Kokoda, kayaking across the Tasman, or maybe you just want to lose some weight, trim down, get fit or boost your self esteem?

How safe will it be for you to do some serious activity? What is your cardiovascular risk? How does your aerobic power compare to others? Is it safe to participate in activity while taking your medications?

All people may safely participate in sports or recreational pursuits, regardless of their age, race, medical condition, or body build. But it may be prudent to undertake a “Pre Activity Medical and Fitness Assessment” first.
Such an assessment can:-

  • Identify life style concerns
  • Identify significant personal or family medical history
  • Measure current health and fitness parameters which can be used:
    • to compare yourself to population norms
    • as a baseline for future assessments
    • identify areas for improvement
  • Identify any special precautions you may need to consider

This type of an assessment could also be appropriate in the corporate sector, before undertaking such group activities as a “boot camp”, or health vacation.

The “Pre Activity Medical and Fitness Assessment” performed by Qld Specialised Health Services is an extremely thorough and safe assessment. It is specifically designed to detect cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and other concerns. The final report given to the patient is easy to understand and suitable for giving to their doctor, trainer or coach.