Musculoskeletal Medicine


Musculoskeletal Medicine is that discipline concerned with patients who have acute and/or chronic pain or disability arising from the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

It is relevant to appreciate that a person may suffer from impaired or altered function (disability) of their musculoskeletal system, without there being much contribution from a disease process. For example, a sixty year old lady might experience a new pain in her neck following a fall. Previously, she hardly suffered any pain from the ‘arthritis’ in her neck. With successful treatment, her neck pain can be relieved, though her neck ‘arthritis’ will remain.

Various means are utilised to help treat musculoskeletal disorders:-

  1. Manual medicine
  2. Injection techniques
  3. Dry needling (eg. acupuncture)
  4. Medication prescription
  5. Exercise prescription
  6. Cognitive behavioural psychological methods
  7. Appropriate nerve blocking procedures
  8. Appropriate referral:-
    1. Orthopaedics
    2. Rheumatology
    3. Physiotherapy
    4. Exercise Physiology
    5. Osteopathy
    6. Myotherapy
    7. Podiatry
    8. Neurology
    9. Psychology
    10. Occupational therapy
    11. Rehabilitation